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Heyyyy there, are you two still friends? post/28619498523 (post is on your blog)

Haha why hello, that’s an interesting question, completely forgot about that post! I stopped posting personal life stories here because I didn’t think anyone was ever reading them or caring or remembering them (but I guess you just never know) :D  <3 
But to answer your question, uh, yeah, I haven’t seen him irl ever since that day I made that post, even though I was in that same country just this summer for 7 weeks and also, in his town too. We still talk online though, but quite rarely. It’s not the same. He’s a grown up man doing his thang, and I’m just doing my shit. We’re not really the sort of no-lifers as we used to be around 16 years old, ya know. Also, to put this in a better perspective, we have an 8 hour difference (which is quite a lot..)